Optimal solutions to our customers’ exacting standards

Years of intensive research, development and the tremendous co-operation of our clients have allowed Nufox to offer optimal solutions to our customers exacting standards and requirements.

Our clients are suppliers to their customers who include the world’s navies, merchant navies, oil tankers and ferries. Nufox are an integral part of their projects. An example of our capabilities shows our ability to take a problem and find the solution.

Prop shaft maintenance seal solution

We were asked to find a solution to the problem of working on a ship’s prop shaft in situ but in a dry environment. Under normal working conditions a prop shaft is wet and the high rotational speed helps to dissipate the water that comes in from the outside.

In order to carry out essential maintenance whilst at sea the shaft has to be dry. The problem was how to form a seal that would be in place and only used when required.

We worked very closely with the prop shaft suppliers and the end result was a circular collar placed around the shaft and inflated to give a watertight seal. The seals would normally be fitted during manufacture and assembly but can be fitted retrospectively allowing repairs to be done at sea. The seal is made from a high-grade compound and the inflation fittings are installed and bonded during manufacture. This seal is now in use in many vessels across the world.

Other marine products

Other rubber extrusions that we manufacture for the marine industry include cargo door seals, marine hatch seals and a wide range of rubber fenders for both vessels and harbour walls.

Over the last few years Rigid Inflatable Boats known as RIBS have become very popular with navies across the world as fast deployment boats with added stability and safety. At Nufox we fabricate a range of Sponsons (or RIB Collars) to suit client requirements. Some have fixed rigid handle and some rope handles. They can be manufactured in many colours and designed to fit the usage including military grey.

There is also a growing requirement for safety orange and any colour for the leisure industry. You can also download our marine market presentation here.

Whatever the rubber fabrication requirement, Nufox can create the optimum bespoke solution.


hatch seal

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