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High degree of quality and accuracy

The oil, gas and petrochemical industries all demand a very high degree of quality and accuracy in all their products. We are able to meet those standards by designing and manufacturing products in close co-operation with the end-user.

We take into consideration the material to be used based on the application including the environment, fire, oils and chemicals. Each of these potential hazards determines what material to be used. In most gases for the oil industry Nitrile and Hydrogenated Nitrile are used as they have excellent resistance to petroleum-based products. To aid in finding the right material to use please see our Polymer Selection Guide in our Useful information section.

On-Shore or Off-shore, Nufox focuses on high quality products delivered on time. From choice of material through rubber profile design to functionality and life-cycle, Nufox has the knowledge and experience to advise on maximising performance. We use only first grade raw materials to assure consistency and predictability of our products in service. At Nufox, our attention to quality and service ensures sourcing with us adds quality and reliability, where risks cannot be taken.

Typical products supplied are: High Specification Seals, Inflatable Seals, Baffles, Insulation Strip, Weather strips and Floating Roof Seals.

Nufox Inflatable Seal rubber extrusions are designed to provide positive sealing at relatively low pressure. Our compounds are selected for their resistance to the environment in which they will operate and each has been subject to dynamic testing through thousands of cycles as part of our quality assurance programme.

FLOATING SEAL – innovative design example.

Tanks that store gasses very often have a roof that can rise and fall as the tank fills and empties. This causes problems with seal around the perimeter of the roof line where it meets the tank sides. These seals have to protect the inside from the external environment and in reverse stop the contents from leaking.

By innovative design and “outside the box” thinking the Floating Seal was developed. Floating roof tank seals are designed to cope environmental conditions, differing stored products. In order to make sure the seal meets the criteria required a survey of the tank is taken to allow for any distortion in the circumference and the vertical sides. The seals are designed to iron out these discrepancies and maintain a high integrity seal.

The seal used is generally of a continuous strip of flexible, special rubber material which is attached to the roof and to the seal ring around the inside circumference of the tank shell. The seal ring is held against the tank wall by counter-weighted hangers. The complete seal unit moves with the roof maintaining a virtually vapour tight seal. Different styles are available on request. You can also download our energy market presentation here.

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