Inflatable seals

When precision seals are a must.

Nufox are a specialist inflatable seals manufacturer, with extensive experience in specification and production of seals for a wide range of applications.

When do you need inflatable seals?

We have developed a range of high lift inflatable seals for use when good sealing is required, for example:

  • noise ingress
  • dust or dirt ingress
  • moisture ingress, or
  • fume ingress are an issue, and cannot be tolerated.

This may also be where a high closing force is not available.

The high lift type is appropriate where sealing of a large gap is of prime importance. Our inflatable seals are manufactured to the deflated shape.  Upon the application of air pressure, typically 0.3 to 0.6 bars they can expand and force the rubber bead against a mating surface to provide a secure seal.

inflatable seals animation

How does it work?

Upon release of the pressure the diaphragm and bead return to the deflated condition relatively quickly and without the need to resort to vacuum application. The seal may be secured mechanically in a channel or bonded with a suitable bonding agent. Inflatable seals are typically produced as loops, which can be formed around various shapes allowing for radiused corners with minimum bends determined by profile size. The seal will not function against an angled joint. Fixing lugs may be designed in conjunction with customers’ requirements.

What are inflatable seals used for?

Some examples of seals in action include:

• Door seals on underground trains to keep noise levels to an acceptable level.
• Platform seals on vessels at sea to prevent water and weather ingress.
• Seals on filters inspection panels for the dust extraction industry.

Inlet ports can be designed to suit customer requirements and connections are either standard Schrader valves or specifically designed ports are available.

Industries that use inflatable seals include:

  • Transport
  • Shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial
  • Processing
  • Marine, and more.

Working with Us:

Our highly experienced design team would be delighted to advise on any upcoming project you may have and assist in design and production of the finished project.

inflatable seals manufacturer
For further information on inflatable seals, contact us now.

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