Rubber extrusions supplier

Our expertise as a rubber extrusions supplier has helped develop a wide range of profiles – from round, square, and rectangular sections. More complicated extrusions include complex shapes with internal bridge work to match the precise needs of our customers.

Our technical staff match the formulation of the extrusion to the production line to make sure the rubber extrusion is cured quickly and efficiently. This means you get high quality and high performance with a lower cost and quicker turnaround.

We have the capability to produce a wide range from tight-tolerance seals to doors, buffers, and fenders.

What industries do we work with?

We supply industries as diverse as:

  • food,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • building,
  • transportation,
  • marine, and
  • defence.

We ensure that the rubber extrusions match their needs.

Ongoing investment in our production lines and a policy of continuous improvement reflect our focus on quality and manufacturing best practice.

What shapes do rubber extrusions come in?

  • ‘D’ section
  • Double ‘D’ section
  • Round ‘U’ channels
  • ‘P’ sections – hollow and solid rubber
  • Rubber cord and tubing sections
  • Edging strips
  • Extruded seal sections
  • Rubbing strips
  • Clip strips
  • Cable protectors

Other detailed options can be made to order – please contact our design team.

Do you need design advice?

Design advice from our team of experts is always available.

Whether small volume, through our pilot plant, or bulk manufacture through our high-speed units, we will find the correct rubber extrusions for your needs.

Extrusions can be designed in partnership with customers and can often be reverse engineered from small samples of used profile.

Profiles can be fabricated with other materials, where required.

rubber extrusions supplier - construction

For further information on rubber extrusions, contact us now.

Bespoke rubber imagineering

We talk about rubber ‘imagineering’, because much of our work goes beyond the day to day and we work really closely with our clients to realise their objectives successfully.

We offer bespoke extruded rubber solutions across an increasing breadth of applications. Our  knowledgeable technical teams go the extra mile to source the most effective designs, materials and production processes to meet customer needs. More

Working across industries

Our experience covers a wide range of industries with a myriad of applications successfully designed and produced.

Whether extruded rubber window and door seals for rail, coach, auto or construction or special bespoke seals for defence and marine, we consistently deliver.

Check out what we have achieved in your particular market. more

Silicone extrusions available too

Silicone extrusions are compounded for resistance to temperatures from -80 to +200C and beyond, and all using only FDA approved ingredients.

Our silicone rubbers cover a range of colours and hardness to ensure stability of the final product.

See full details of the applications that we can cover here.

Got a sample or drawing?

We can work with you to create a bespoke product for your precise needs

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