Hollow D Section rubber extrusion

Our hollow D section fenders are made from only virgin EPDM without any reground material, guaranteeing consistence of profile from batch to batch. It has superior properties to cheaper, highly filled options or PVC. We have many options for bespoke production of profiles at competitive prices.

If you do not see a hollow d section profile that is suitable, please call our customer service team who will be happy to give you a quote for a bespoke profile. Material: EPDM.

Hollow D Section EXDH4407
Dimensions: A - 50 mm. B - 30 mm. C - 8 mm. D - 8 mm
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Hollow D Section EXDH4401
Dimensions: A - 150 mm. B - 150 mm. C - 25 mm. D 25 mm
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Hollow D Section EXDH4402
Dimensions: A - 98 mm. B - 95 mm. C - 20 mm. D - 20 mm
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Hollow D Section EXDH4403
Dimensions: A - 112 mm. B - 92 mm. C - 20 mm. D - 20 mm
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Hollow D Section EXDH4404
Dimensions: A - 112 mm. B - 92 mm. C - 20 mm. D - 20 mm
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Hollow D Section EXDH4405
Dimensions: A - 78.5 mm. B - 82 mm. C - 63.8 mm. D - 13.1 mm.
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Hollow D Section EXDH4406
Dimensions: A - 91 mm. B - 64 mm. C - 13 mm. D - 13 mm
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Hollow D Section EXDH4408
Dimensions: A - 32 mm. B - 23 mm. C - 6 mm. D - 6 mm
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These are just a selection of profiles and sizes that we can offer. We can manufacture from your bespoke designs. Call our friendly sales team for further information on +44 (0)161 655 0303 or contact us.


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